Welcome to Survivor Social Media!

Welcome to Survivor Social Media (formerly known as “MyMedia: a digital media starter-pack”)! This is the second year that I will be running this seminar. I’ve made quite a few changes to the seminar. Here’s what it’s about:


1. Using social media to study social media

This seminar introduces students to a range of social media through theory and application. We will not only be learning about blogs and Twitter, but we will also be engaging with these existing platforms as part of the seminar’s learning environment. Seminar members will be responsible for their own personal WordPress blogs (linked to our seminar blog) and will be encouraged to share resources through social bookmarking (Diigo). We will also be tweeting about social media and current events and share our digital stories online.


2. Aims and Outcomes

The seminar structure and range of assignments have been chosen to support second year media students in several ways:

* Social bookmarking can help students archive their online research and engage with valuable online groups.

* Blogs and digital stories can be added to their portfolios if they wish to apply for entry into one of the production streams.

* The ability to blog and use Twitter equips students to be potentially valuable interns at a range of media, advertising or marketing companies. These activities also make for great part-time work.

* Writing for the web requires students to constantly practice their editing skills.

* Students will be doing ‘real’ writing – they will be exposed to an audience online, and need to be aware of their ethics and responsibilities.

* This seminar reminds students of their digital footprints and how important it is to maintain an active online identity.