Mobile literacies and SA teens

Read Marion Walton’s blog posts – very interesting and relevant as we move into our discussion on mobile media in SA. However, we first kick off with this week’s theme ‘Living in a digital culture’. Do you think this is a reality for the majority of South Africans or only an elite few? Comment with your views and experiences.

Here are some interesting thoughts to consider:

Cheapest cellphones in SA – who delivers the cheapest way to get SA talking?

Mobiles and Africa – blog post cites an article from The Economist – read it and share your thoughts. Think about how Africa is framed by the article.


Seminar – Monday 4 April

Welcome back for the second half of the semester! We’ll be continuing with digital storytelling today. Litha and Christine will be presenting on the Jean Burgess reading “Hearing ordinary voices: cultural studies, vernacular creativity and digital storytelling”. Tendai will also present for us, deconstructing a digital story she found online using the 7 elements of digital storytelling. If you have not visited our folder in resources (on Vula), please do so – lots of interesting resources that I’ve put up for you there. 

Also, please complete the twitter questionnaire and email it to me, I have only received 8 thus far. Today we’ll take a look at your blogs so far and each one is required to chat about their blogs, where they hope to take it and classmates can offer feedback and suggestions. Please email me your blog address if it is not displayed on the right and I’ll add it asap.

How are the digital stories coming along? How are you enjoying this topic so far? Feel free to add your comments:) Here is an interesting blog post on digital storytelling, Krista’s Tech Tidbits which has links to lots of nice resources.