Seminar Overview

Using digital media to study digital media

This seminar aims to introduce a range of digital media from a critical and theoretical perspective as well as encourage practical application. We will not only be learning about participatory media (such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, YouTube, etc.) but we will also be engaging with these existing platforms as part of the seminar’s learning environment. Seminar members will be responsible for their own WordPress blogs (linked to our seminar blog) and will be encouraged to share ideas and resources.  To support an ethos of sharing knowledge online, you will also be introduced to social bookmarking (Diigo).

Aims and Outcomes

The structure of the seminar and range of assignments has been chosen to support media students in several ways. Firstly, students are challenged to use their knowledge of new media forms to generate creative projects such as digital stories about aspects related to the World Cup 2010 aimed at tourists, as well as mobi-soaps and m-novels aimed at a South African youth market. These projects can be added to their portfolios if they wish to apply for entry into one of the production streams. Secondly, students will be exposed to guest speakers who work in various areas of digital media. These speakers are invited to share their experiences and offer inspiration to students. Thirdly, the seminar places an emphasis on writing and honing one’s editing skills (such as writing for the web) while bearing in mind the affordances of digital media and shifting notions of ‘the audience’.

CLICK HERE to download course outline


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