Digital Storytelling

A digital story is “…a form of short narrative, usually a personal narrative told in the first person, presented as a short movie for display on a television or computer monitor or projected onto a screen” (Alan Davis, 2004:1). It is a method of recording and documenting the voices and experiences of ordinary people’s true stories using digital media in a compelling and emotionally engaging way. Digital stories are created using photographs, narration & music to tell a story.

Here are a few examples:

 “Take a walk in my shoes” (Stories for Change, by Jamaine Del-Rosario)

Digital story about street children in Brazil

My Life & Photography

myIligan (Digital Storytelling project first prize winner) by Arkay Timonera

“Baseball” by Mike Fyke

“Ashley’s Story”

“Mankind Is No Island” by Jason van Genderen, Tropfest 2008 Winner

Visit the Centre for Digital Storytelling and Hilary McLellan’s Story Link
(Hillary has posted one of the most extensive and up-to-date collections of links on Digital Storytelling available online). Also read Telling Tales with Technology: note that GOOD digital stories are personal, begin with the story/script, concise, use readily-available source materials, include universal story elements and involve collaboration. Also see Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World and the sample of The Digital Storytelling Cookbook.

Remember, that there are many different types of digital stories, even though digital storytelling is hard to define and is basically weaving a narrative with digital tools.

Here are some of the types of digital stories discussed in the cookbook:

  • Character story: about someone important to our lives
  • Memorial story: those we love and remember, mourn
  • Adventure story: first trip away from home, special school trip, adventure of a lifetime
  • Accomplishment story: first to graduate college, lifetime goals
  • A place in my life:  family outing
  • What I do: job that you love, building something yourself
  • Recovery story: overcoming life challenge, witnessing miracles
  • Love story: falling in love for the first time
  • Discovery story: learning or uncovering information, message in a bottle, learning life comes in many forms
  • Your project:

    Digital Storytelling: Welcome to Soccer 2010 (30%) due on 13 April

    Produce a digital story aimed at tourists visiting SA for the World Cup. Focus on a subject that visitors to our country may find interesting. For example, discuss the names and places of the various stadiums or the history of the vuzuzela and how it works or how to do the official World Cup dance. Be creative, using sound (for voice-overs and background music), pictures and video to aid expression of your digital story. Do not forget about ethical considerations, as you will be asked to upload your digital story to YouTube and link it to the seminar blog.


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    1. First ever movie recorded on cell phone.. movie was completed in 2005.

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