Links and Discussion

Blog your passion:

Have a look at these SlideShare presentations: Blogging Tips: How to make money blogging about things you’re passionate about and Blogging 101: The basics to good blogging as well as Enter the Blogosphere: Adventures in Blogging

Homework: Read About WordPress and start your own WordPress blog (click here to go to

Enter the Blogosphere:

Now that you all have your own blog, we’re going to learn about the ‘blogosphere’ in a bit more detail…

Read this Technorati article on Blogs and Advertising and explore the Technorati website

Class Discussion: Do you think blogging is serious business? Consider the state of blogging from a South African perspective… Have a look at Amatomu (about SA blogosphere and popular SA blogs) and read about the 2009 SA Blog Awards and visit the winning blog, 2OceansVibe – what do YOU think about this blog?

Social Bookmarking with Diigo

Wikipedia article on Social Bookmarking and What is Social Bookmarking and how can it help me? by Daniel Nations, an Webtrends guide

Class discussion: In what ways are Wikipedia and different? How is this reflected in the two articles on social bookmarking?

7 Things you should know about Social Bookmarking by the Educause Learning Initiative (May 2005)

Top 20 most popular social bookmarking websites (January 2010)

Homework: Join Diigo and add our seminar blog to your Diigo bookmarks.


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