Mobisoap Project

Not sure what a mobisoap is? It is a made-for-mobile interactive soap opera:)  See below for more on So Like Life  – SA’s first ever mobisoap.

There is also an interesting article on about SoLikeLife. You can become a fan of SoLikeLife on FaceBook too:) You can read about the characters and see pics of Brad’s band:)

Enjoy watching a promo of So Like Life and some of its mobisodes on YouTube.  I have also added links to the promo and the first mobisode below:

Info about So Like Life:
The promo vid is here
About the characters
The mobisodes on YouTube:
The promo
The episodes are here and if you scroll down the right you can get to the first episode.
If ever you want to download YouTube videos, you can use KeepVid

What makes a mobisoap a mobisoap and how has the soapie form been adapted to suit a mobile medium? Remember, people watch these mobisodes on their cellphones and also, do you think it’s too expensive for the majority of SA cellphone users? Perhaps try watching one episode on youtube on your cellphone and see how much it costs if you can.


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